For laser measuring, you need to point and click the instrument for instantly measuring the long distances which are ranging a hundred meters. Even while measuring such vast distances, these instruments offer you very accurate results like + 1 mm. Reading and interpreting are very easy with such devices. The extra bright laser allows you to easily target even longer distances. Handheld measuring devices are loaded with several features like full inclination sensor, the corner angle features, and a compass which makes it easy for doing accurate measurements even in hard to reach locations. You will clearly be able to see the results on the large, four-line backlit display. Whether you are working for vast outfield or residential projects, our laser measuring tools will help you for doing accurate work on your own. The exact measurement is an absolute must for everyone who needs to guarantee precise and first-class work. That is why the top measuring instruments are extremely necessary. Dutco Tennant LLC offers a wide range of products from the field of measuring instruments. We offer various types of testing and measuring instruments, handheld, and desktop measurement solutions from Leica Technologies.

The main Features in Our Handheld Measuring Tools are:

  • Easy usability for distance measurement.
  • Includes automated correction.
  • Gives improved visibility with a bigger backlit display.
  • Improved battery life which supports multiple measurements.
  • Measure a room’s diagonal and horizontal distance from a stable point.
  • Supports stable long-distance measurements as well.
  • Internal storage to store the last twenty measurements for a quick reminder.
  • Impressive environmental protection with water spray and dustproof sealing.
  • Covered by long-term manufacturer warranty.

Leica’s DISTO handheld laser measuring device has achieved a new milestone and it simplifies your daily measuring tasks. You can easily measure everything from one point with the DISTO S910 and at the same time, it records everything digitally as point data which makes your work much easier.

So, let’s take a look at what Leica DISTO S910 offers to the Surveyors

Measuring from Point to Point

Surveyors can get benefitted by point to point demos of the use of a Leica DISTO S910 laser measure for full measuring, with a direct connection to AutoCad. The Leica DISTO, being equipped with the P2P Technology, revolutionizes the measurement process with the help of a handheld laser distance meter. The integrated Smart Base allows measurements between any two points from one location. This makes it completely unnecessary for moving from measuring point to measuring point or in many cases from climbing ladders. The measuring becomes much quicker, more accurate, and safer.

Smart Area Function

Measures areas of facades, rooms, or even of the inclined roof by just measuring the corner points, no matter what may be the shape, how complex or hard to reach. The Leica DISTO is making your measuring tasks much easier than before.

Capture measurement data in DXF format

It is a first of its kind, the Leica DISTO can save all the measured points into a DSF file as a floor plan, wall layout, or even as a 3D data that can be downloaded later in the office to a PC with the help of the USB. The device also stores all the pictures which show where you measured to offer you complete and reliable documentation. This minimizes the task for creating a more accurate drawing or makes the process smoother.

Real-time point data transfer

Measurement data can be directly transferred on-site over the WLAN interface into a portable computer to be further processed in your preferred software. It is very easy to establish a connection that is similar to a hotspot. You can transfer several measurement points as you like with or without pictures for creating or checking documentation in real-time.

Dutco Tennant LLC can offer you an advanced range of handheld laser measuring tools in Dubai from Leica. Our tools save you more time in almost every situation and reduce error chances. If you have any questions concerning our products or wish to enquire about any of our services or have a specific measuring need, do not hesitate to call us. Together we can find the right measuring instruments for the task at a hand and a solution to all your measuring needs.

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