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Surface Mounted Floor Profiles Finishing Products

Surface Mounted Floor Profiles feature static and resistance calculations and resist pressure and friction. Existing in different standard expansion joints product range such as “Heavy duty profiles” for truck and/or forklift crossing areas, “watertight profiles” for the areas with water leakage risk and “seismic profiles” with high movement capability for earthquake zones, these surface mounted floor products are highly demanded in the global market.

You have the option to choose from our varied profile seals available in different colors and sizes. All profiles have corner types and most of them have floor & wall twain. We can supply you with a wide range of floor expansion joint covers that have been designed for a wide variety of applications for integrating seamlessly with the flooring materials and guaranteeing you a smooth journey for the equipment and pedestrians. Our options of products can accommodate any type of movement in the building like the settlement of the building for existing to new structures, earthquake-prone seismic movements and daily thermal movement. The expansion joints offered by us have been manufactured for solving a variety of scenarios for expansion joints. They are found in custom sizes, color finishes and materials for ensuring that whatever you need for your projects gets you covered. Our commercial building product line is shipped from our warehouses which are located strategically at convenient locations. Get the best solutions for all your needs delivered by us. The single floor expansion joints cover comes with an extruded aluminum frame which has been designed for offering a minimal bump in the surface-mounted interior applications where minimal visual impact is preferred. This cover is ideally suited for hygienic areas and equipment which are wheeled. The system is ideally suited for applications of retrofit. They have been designed for accommodating many types of flooring finishes like wood, tile or concrete.

The flush seals are very easy to clean, there is no water or dirt trapped. The snap-fit design makes way for easy assembly on site. The unit is available in four primary color options.