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Coping Profiles for Parapet Finishing Products

Coping Profiles for Parapet features static and resistance calculations and resistance to pressure and friction. Existing in different standard expansion joints product range such as “Heavy duty profiles” for truck and/or forklift crossing areas, “watertight profiles” for the areas with water leakage risk and “seismic profiles” with high movement capability for earthquake zones, these products are highly demanded in the global market. You have the option to choose from our varied coping profile seals available in different colors and sizes. All profiles have corner types and most of them have floor & wall twain.

Our supplied range of commercial parapet wall coping is the leading solution in the region, manufactured using high-quality aluminum coping and capping solutions for the constructions industry. They are known for their exceptional performance, reliability and quality. They have been made up of marine-grade aluminum, the products are suitable for all types of applications for commercial, domestic and industrial buildings. The coping offers an exceptionally pleasing and economical finish to the parapet wall and the boundary walls. The copings of the aluminum are made with specific designs for each project according to the required sizing, feature requirements and profiles. Marine-grade aluminum is used for pressed metal copings that can be fabricated for stepped, ramped and serpentine parapet walls. In differentiations with the stone wall copings, the aluminum copings are extremely lightweight, adaptable, versatile and can be installed very easily. The coping also offers weatherproof parapet wall protection for the long term. They have been designed to be used on parapet walls and can be found in custom and standard size ranges. The coping cap is formed after allowing contraction and expansion. These units have been designed uniquely for covering the top of the parapet walls. Many buildings are having flat roofs in certain areas mostly for air conditioners. At the roof edges, the parapet walls can be found commonly which are vulnerable to leaks without correct flashing. The caps have been fabricated custom for any measurements.