With us, you can get Hook-up Kits which are available in a wide range of styles and sizes for covering all of the requirements of your systems. These hook-up kits are proven for reducing the installation and ordering time and also help to reduce the field problems. We supply standard kits that are available for use with all of our flow-limiting and balance valves and non-standard kits can be designed for incorporating a combination of balancing valve and accessories which you are choosing. Each of the kits is available to be tagged and bagged with the location and the flow rate of the coil on which it must be installed.

We also have several kits accessories available that include the Model UBY Integrated Y-Strainer, Model UBV Ball Valve along with the Model UA Union Accessory. A complete port ball valve is featured on the UBV and UBY hat isolated the coil from the rest of the system for maintenance of the coil and a drain valve that allows users to easily drain out the system that must require you to perform maintenance or replacement of the coil. There is also an in-line Y-strainer integrated into the UBY for ensuring that the coils operate with the highest efficiency by offering clean system fluid and also offers 2 additional accessory taps if you want additional pressure/temperature ports or air vents. On the discharge side, the UA is installed and it comprises an air vent for helping the system drainage along with a pressure port for coil management.

Pressure Independent Balancing Control Valves (PICV)

Two or more cooling or heating systems are characterized by the changing conditions because of the closing and opening of the valve that depends on the requirements of cooling or heating. This continuously causes differential and flow pressure changes. Without proper measurements, such types of systems may suffer from poor energy inefficiency, uneven heat distribution and are very difficult to the commission. For avoiding these issues, the best and the easiest solution is offered by the Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valves (PICV). The valve work just like flow-limited control valves with the addition of an actuator this automatically balances the system and offers the best-in-class indoor comfort and energy efficiency. The systems are commissioned very easily and all the valves only need to be set to the design flow before the mounting of the actuators. You can find a wide range of pressure-independent balancing and control valves supplied by us in the Middle East.

Features and Benefits –

  • Stable Indoor Temperature

There is a significant effect on the stability of the room temperature when the overflow situations at partial load conditions are eliminated.

  • More comfortable environment

With the room temperature being stable, the indoor comfort also gets increased by several notches.

  • Energy Efficient

The energy efficiency also gets increased by the perfectly balanced system and also makes way towards huge saving on the energy costs.

  • The decrease in maintenance cost

As the pressure-independent valve guaranteed perfect working conditions, the mounted actuators on them need much lesser movement for keeping the temperature stable which increases the lifetime value of the actuators and decreases the cost of maintenance.

If you are looking for PICV & Hook-Up Kits in the Middle East then you can get the most advanced range of solutions and products from Dutco Tennant LLC. We with our 40 years of experience in this field can guarantee you the best in class products and solutions which can be used for the harshest environments and will offer reliable functions every time. Call us today to get all the solutions you need.