In the process of evaluating a 3D landscape, surveying software can be used for determining the distances and angles among a series of points.For establishing boundaries and maps, these points are measured for building and other projects. For several uses like geospatial engineering work, Dutco Tennant LLC offers inventive survey software. These engineering and survey software applications are much easier to use and are complete from every aspect. We are leaders in offering software solutions for land surveyors and civil engineers having classy modeling and mapping modules along with an array of useful add ons that can assist the surveyor for doing measurement and other tasks. Our software supply comprises modules for Digital Terrain Modeling, Topographic Mapping, Road and Rail Design, 3D Rendering, and Drainage design modules.

Dutco Tennant LLC rose to fame for supplying technically advanced, user-friendly advanced software for land surveying. We try our best to reach out to customers who are already using our products and study their demands and feedback for bringing out more innovative and advanced solutions for meeting their demands.

So here is a look at what are the Survey Software which you can get from us –

Leica Infinity

Leica Infinity is the intuitive office software solution from Leica Geosystems which bridges the gap between field and office. Surveying also has a meaning which is the ability to flexibly handle data and information from the office and field from any place with fast access and seamless data transfer. Nowadays and more than ever, you will also need to rely on a seamless workflow in your projects to fulfill this need. Leica has developed the Infinity software for fulfilling this need. This software is user-friendly and intelligent and comes with intelligent information architecture which opens up previously unimagined possibilities within the various aspects of your scope of work. This gives you more transparency and efficiency to make it better.

Leica Cyclone

Leica’s HDS Cyclone comprises individual software modules that offer flexibility for users of point cloud with an extensive set of options for 3D laser scanning in construction, engineering, surveying, and other related projects. This software allows users for making the best use of traverse, back-site, and resection features when used with the ScanStation C10 from Leica which reduces costs and increases efficiency for as-built and topographic surveys. It also makes users capable of generating plant models with higher efficiency than laser scans. Complete 3D point clouds that offer authority and several advantages over other sources of geometric data. Leica cyclone software has a unique architecture that creates the best environment for performance on laser scanning projects. You can manage the data efficiently and easily within the databases by using this surveying software. Users can concurrently work on databases by reducing the requirement of transmitting or copying large point cloud data project files.


The LISCAD is a surveying and engineering software package that allows the data from virtually any surveying instrument which needs to be imported and converted into finishing plans. The entire process from data to plans is made simple by LISCAD and makes you wonder how you managed it.

Being the leading civil infrastructure products and equipment supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area, Dutco Tennant LLC is dedicated to providing the newest, all-inclusive, and cost-effective survey and engineering software solutions to various enterprises in the Middle East and GCC region, across many sectors. We believe that our growth in the last four decades is driven by our client-centered approach, our state-of-the-art and inventive services, our expert, well-informed and knowledgeable workers, our established processes and exceptional quality enhancing, and our continuing investment in the newest technology and products.