If you have been having plans to renovate your office or have tried to look out for the new trends and ideas of office flooring renovation then you may have heard about Raised Access Floors. Well, what are those actually? Shall it offer you any benefits? Why should you use them for your facilities? We try to give you a complete guide about Raised Access Floors in this blog.

So let's begin with, what is Raised Access Flooring?

By technical terms, Raised Access Flooring is a floor which sits on top of the existing floor and leaves room under it for moving cables, ducts and others. It is mainly preferred to be used in modern facilities like IT data centres having a high requirement for servicing for carrying wiring, cables, electrical supply and also air conditioning or water pipes. When a floor is raised high enough for a person to crawl or walk beneath, additional structural support and light is provided. This floor type comprises of a gridded metal framework or adjustable height legs understructure which offers support for individual floor panels that are usually 22 feet or 6060cm in size. By the volume of cables and other offered services beneath, the height of the legs/pedestals is dictated.

Raised Access Flooring has panels or ports for several cables and line which can run below the floor.  If your operation is continuing to grow and you are in need of additional ports for your increased team. You can try to plan ahead and install a new modular flooring panel which meets your requirements.

Which are the ideal areas for installing Raised Access Flooring?

·         Computer rooms and other information technology spaces

·         General open office areas

·         Conference and training areas

·         Exhibition areas

·         Clean Rooms

·         Support spaces like fan rooms, electrical closets, and others

Reasons to use Raised Access Floors in your office?

Moveable and Customizable If you are in need of additional ports for new employees, then you can try planning to install these floor types as they are more cost-effective than changing wires or altering floor plans. Improves Office Safety

Injuries can occur in the office space by tripping or falling. Cables are the main cause of tripping in the office. Raised access floors can help to reduce the areas where cables are visible and accessible to people for getting tripped over. This can save time and money and keep your employees safe and sound with more productive hours.

·         A new organized look

Cables running all around the room leave a very disgusting look and makes you feel untidy. When your facility is getting visited by an important client, you will need to have your best foot forward with having a clean and tidy look. This also improves the mood of the office and encourages more productive hours. Raised Access Floors offers a very tidy and organized look with all your cables under the cover and also offers safety.

·         More Accessibility

You may need to add more and more networking cable and equipment in your office as new technologies are getting introduced. So for that, you will need more room to expand while holding on to the professional look that your office has. Raised Access Flooring essentially acts as the best solution for this case.

Raised Access Flooring works like an excellent solution for businesses that are planning to move forward in an environment of technologies full of cables and wires. While the cost of raised access flooring can sound to be more than the speculated others but it can last over a long time. At the Middle East Dutco Tennant LLC along with MERO. The leading solutions provider for flooring has tied up with us to offer their superior range of solutions to the Middle East. In our range, you will be able to find MERO's Calcium Sulphate Core, Chipboard core, Cementitious Core and Raised Terrace Supports. We can be your most trusted raised floor system supplier.

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