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We have the best carpet flooring solutions which add elegance to the interior of your house at a reasonable price. Dutco Tennant LLC offers the right flooring products which have only A+/A rating and are Green certified. Good carpet flooring has better designs, solid color, and multi-line stripes. Carpet flooring products are made of 100% nylon on the yarn portion. Before choosing the carpet flooring solution, you need to be sure that these products have the perfect touch of color and class that captures the stylistic theme of the room or office where it has to be installed. From our supplies in the Middle East and Gulf region, you can find a wide range of bright fabrics. In order to bring the complete aesthetic look to your house interiors, good finishing details are required. Without proper protection of your floor and wall corners, they may get scratched and shattered if they come under impacts. Architectural finishing profiles are regarded as the best helper to architects and interior decorators to solve all those problems. We have profiles which have been designed to clear up all of the architectural details & give an artistic aspect at the junctions and edges of carpet, vinyl, ceramic, marble, granite and at the transitions with altitude difference. Our movement control profiles are made of aluminum, brass, stainless steel and PVC. Dutco Tennant LLC is a prominent provider of finishing profiles in the Gulf and Middle East region. We have worked with a number of clients in the GCC region to provide high end finishing profiles for a number of projects in this region.

Our floor profiles provide effective and innovative solutions to all kinds of requirements in residential and commercial applications. Our wide range includes a huge variety of products made from top quality materials which are all carefully designed for unrivaled performance and style. Floor profiles, come in various widths and depths. Aluminum profiles, drilled or with adhesive backing for edging, linking or joining carpet, PVC, linoleum, ceramic tile or wood floors. Profiles can be polished in place and even curved/shaped to create original decorative designs. Carpet profiles are used as finishing profile at the edge of the carpet. Carpet profiles are available in different heights and suitable in different material such as aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. It can be used to compensate the floor height difference caused by two different floor profiles. It helps to avoid slipping of legs while walking.

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