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Parquet Edge Profiles Finishing Products

Parquet edge profiles are used as finishing profile at the edge of the parquet. It protects the edge of the parquet against the risk of breakage, wear and tear. The height of the edge profiles can be adjusted between heights of 7-12mm or 12-15 mm. Can be applied either with its bottom piece or with adhesive tape. The walls and floors require optimal finishing for getting a good look. Due to this, it is required to use decoration profiles. They offer them a decorative edge that functions as protective materials. The edge makes a definitive design statement and can create a much-polished look. The decoration profiles are considered to be the best solutions for offering protection to the wall and floor corners. They have been made up for the purpose of decorating any space. Floor edge trim can perfectly and discreetly pair ceramic with wood or stone and unify the various materials within the same structure. These can be polished in place and even shaped or curved for creating original designs for decoration. The profiles offer an exceptional range of solutions for outdoor and indoor finishes. They can withstand heavy traffic and loads. Laminate edge trims are important components in all types of tile-finished floor and wall. Not only do they offer appeal along with overall aesthetic effects, but also with the durability of the assemblies of the tile. This is mostly done by containing high mechanical strength and having resistance against dents and abrasions. Tile trims can offer the tiles a beautiful edge and also add to the appeal.

The laminate edge trims for floor edges are also known as plug-in rails. They can nicely cover the floor edges. The aluminum profiles having adhesive grooves can be found for several floor heights. You can select from models having anodized metal surfaces or also with wooden décor foils. These systems and products have been designed for ensuring the necessary expansions in parquet, wood, floating parquet and laminate floors. The range comes with edging profiles for retaining and finishing parquet and laminate floors, profiles to join the section of the floor on the same level which has a varied thickness which compensates the profile to join the section of the floor at various levels, profiles for edges to join the walls and floors, corner guard profiles, aluminum nosing profiles for the parquet, wood and the laminate stairs and several other stylish and functional solutions also. The profiles in this category are all heavily resistant to wear, traffic, typical flooring cleaning products and UV.


  • Anodized Parquet Edge Profiles
  • Decoluxe Laminated Parquet Edge Profiles
  • Anodized Adjustable Parquet Edge Profiles
  • Decoluxe Laminated Adjustable Parquet Edge Profiles