If you are working in an environment where there is a lot of traffic and equipment tends to get moved around you a lot, then you may consider installing PVC Wall Protection System for your walls. They serve the purpose of protecting your walls from damage which can happen because of objects hitting into your walls, which ultimately causes dents and chips to the lovely paint. Now when you begin your search for the best wall protection system, then you will easily feel overwhelmed by the choices which may lie in front of you. But why should you choose PVC? PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is ideal for emergency and critical areas having high daily traffic like hospitals and healthcare units, all credit goes to the big size and resistance. It is an innovative system that adds value to your room installations and keeps your customers satisfied.

For hospital facilities, you will require construction materials having affordability, chemical resistance, and high durability with low maintenance costs. All of these requirements are easily fulfilled by PVC. PVC is used for the ceiling, in-wall coverings, and floors and reduces the requirement of cleaning. At the very same time, with its smooth hygienic surface, it alleviates the spread of diseases and infection. It has been found that PVC offers the most value for money solutions, having multiple designs includes art, signage and zone boundaries. Medical facilities will easily be more welcoming, eye-catching, and energizing.

So, let's talk about some of the top factors which make the PVC Wall Protection System the best choice for hospitals.


The smooth and tough surface of the PVC system prevents dust and dirt from getting accumulated and stops the multiplying of bacteria which ultimately plays an important role in fighting infections. It is extremely easy to clean with cheap environmentally-friendly detergents that are readily available.

Superb durability

The hygienic PVC floor reduces the need for cleaning. It can last for up to twenty years that again makes it a great choice for hospitals and clinics.

Shock absorbent and safe

The vinyl flooring which is used for medical facilities is extremely comfortable to walk on and is extremely safe. This helps patients to walk from one place to another on an easy surface without the fear of getting hurt.


PVC Wall Protection System is inexpensive and very easy to install, clean and highly durable. All of these reasons together make it a great choice for use in the hospital walls. The pressure on higher healthcare budgets gets reduced by vinyl flooring.

Great Designs

PVC allows you to mix art and signage boundaries. It offers hospitals and clinics an attractive look which will get appreciated by a large number of people.

For more than four decades, we have been supplying to the Middle East, the world's leading range of PVC Wall Protection System from the house of Gradus. Our range includes PVC-u and aluminum profiles designed specifically for the UK market comprising PVC-u sheet, handrails, Dual Rail, combination rail, wall guards (crash rails, bumper bars), corner guards, bed protectors, and door protection. All our supplied range of products are available in a number of design and color options. They are targeted to complement the already existing ranges of stainless steel, rubber, and timber profiles for offering a complete package of products which works together for overall protection solutions. We have been working on several projects. Some of our recent noteworthy project lines include Amana Clinic, Al AIn, where we have supplied our products, Mediclinic Hospital Al Ain and Grand Hyatt Hotel.

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