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Alarm Check Valves Buildings

Dutco Tennant LLC offers the best in class Firefighting valves like Isolation Gate valves, Check valves Alarm check valves, Zone control valves, Pre-action valves, Pressure reducing valves, etc. are the key components of all Firefighting Systems. We have been taking care of all your firefighting needs from the past four decades. A fire event can cause untold damage to property. But sometimes, efforts to put out the fire can be just as catastrophic. Water can do as much damage to electronic equipment, paper, and other moisture-sensitive items as the fire itself.

Alarm Valve is a double-seated clapper check valve with grooved seat design, which ensures positive water flow for alarm operation and is designed for installation in a wet pipe sprinkler system. Alarm Check Valves helps to prevent water in the sprinkler system from back flowing in the source or a reservoir leading to potential contamination of the water supply. These valves primary function is to hold back water pressure in the sprinkler system until such time as it’s needed. There are two ways of opening an alarm check valves which are either manually when a person activates a water gong, or electronically. Once the alarm check valves get activated, they will allow water to flow through the system, engaging the sprinkler system as and where needed in order to suppress a potential fire. The basic core of the valve is going to control water throughout a web standpipe system. Alarm Valves can both be underground or above ground but mostly they are used above ground usually in buildings and high rises. The corrosion of the pipes can get increased due to the corrosive nature of water when it sits idle for a long length of time. The alarm check valves minimize the level of corrosion by limiting the pressure within the pipes until such time as it’s needed. Once the valves are opened, they allow the full pressure of water to fill the system. These valves can also be very beneficial in high rise buildings and other structures that would contain a tremendous length of piping throughout the system itself. Avoiding the use of check valves in a sprinkler system two scenarios can happen. One is that someone would need to manually open valves in order to allow water into the sprinkler system or the entire system will be under full pressure constantly, which can lead to issues in the event of surges or corrosion.