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Pre Action Deluge Valve Buildings

The key components of all Firefighting Systems are Firefighting valves like Isolation Gate valves, Check valves Alarm check valves, Zone control valves, Pre-action valves, Pressure reducing valves, etc. A fire event can cause untold damage to property. But sometimes, efforts to put out the fire can be just as catastrophic. Water can do as much damage to electronic equipment, paper, and other moisture-sensitive items as the fire itself. Dutco Tennant LLC offers the most comprehensive range of valves and firefighting systems which are smartly designed keeping in mind about your safety. Our range of firefighting products is certified and is advanced. With the experience of over four decades, be assured to get complete resistance from fire and save yourself and your business from sudden fire breakouts.

The Pre Action Deluge valves are designed to minimize the friction loss inside and inner parts such as clapper are made of cast bronze to offer excellent corrosion and pressure resistance. The pre-action system is a sprinkler system employing automatic sprinklers that are attached to a piping system that contains air that might or might not be under pressure, with a supplemental detection system installed in the same areas as the sprinklers. In a pre-action sprinkler system there will normally be supplementary detection devices and closed automatic heat sensitive sprinklers fixed to the air or nitrogen-filled system piping in the protected area. An advantage of closed automatic heat sensitive sprinklers used in pre-action systems is that when opened by a localized heat source, they will only let water into the area where the fire is. This prevents soaking up of large areas of the protected areas might be with a deluge system and the water damage is typically restricted to the area of the fire only. Pre-action sprinkler systems keep the piping in the protected are dry. Instead of water, the sprinkler piping is filled with air or nitrogen. This makes some pre-action systems the system of choice for protecting freezing areas such as refrigeration installations.

Advantages of BERMAD pre-action valves :

  • Reliable - Pre-action valves have no mechanical moving parts that result in a high level of performance, long life, and minimal downtime.
  • Time savings - Our valves can be quickly and easily inspected simply by removing the cover, with no need to disassemble or remove the valve from the line.
  • High flow capacity - enjoy the advantage of the exceptionally high flow capacity