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Pressure Reducing/ Relief Valves Buildings

The key components of all Firefighting Systems are Firefighting valves like Isolation Gate valves, Check valves Alarm check valves, Zone control valves, Pre-action valves, Pressure reducing valves, etc. A fire event can cause untold damage to property. But sometimes, efforts to put out the fire can be just as catastrophic. Water can do as much damage to electronic equipment, paper, and other moisture-sensitive items as the fire itself. Dutco Tennant LLC offers the most comprehensive range of valves and firefighting systems which are smartly designed keeping in mind about your safety. Our range of firefighting products is certified and is advanced. With the experience of over four decades, be assured to get complete resistance from fire and save yourself and your business from sudden fire breakouts.

Pressure Reducing Valve

The most practical components for maintaining secondary, lower pressure in a hydraulic system are pressure-reducing valves. These valves are normally open, 2-way valves that close when subjected to sufficient downstream pressure. Our Pressure Reducing Valve, which is UL labeled and listed, is ideal for automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower discharge pressure, regardless of fluctuations in flow or inlet pressure.

Pressure Relief Valve

Most of the fluid power systems are designed to operate within a preset pressure range. This range is a function of forces the actuators in the system must generate to do the work. Without controlling or limiting these forces, the fluid power components could be damaged. Relief valves avoid this hazard. They are safeguards which limit maximum pressure in a system by diverting excess oil when pressures get too high. The pressure relief valve, which is UL / FM labeled and listed, automatically relieves excess pressure in the fire protection system to discharge.


  • Reliable diaphragm actuated
  • Hydraulically operated design
  • Class 150 and 300 flanges
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Heat fused red epoxy coating
  • Available in globe and angle style

Valve Function

Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Reduce higher inlet pressure to constant lower outlet pressure (adjustable)
  • Electrical on/off override of reducing function
  • Closes quickly when outlet exceeds set point of surge control (adjustable)
Pressure Relief Valve
  • Maintain constant upstream pressure (inlet to valve) by relieving excess pressure
  • Solenoid provides electrical on/off override of relief/sustaining function


Pressure Reducing Valve UL and ULC listed to ANSI/UL 1468, 1739
Pressure Relief Valve UL listed to ANSI/UL 1478A FM approved to FM 1361