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AP Sensing’s DAS Cable Temperature Monitoring Transmission

Enhanced performance and measurement capabilities for protecting your valuable assets and infrastructure.

The fifth generation DAS features a world-leading measurement range for true phase-based systems without requiring additional amplification. It provides improved measurement performance with enhanced usability and reduced signal artifacts such as fading.


The new DAS achieves a measurement performance that perfectly balances detection sensitivity (probability of detection) and detection reliability (reduced false and nuisance alarm rate). Our new algorithms improve the dynamic range and minimum detectable signal by more than 75 % and an improved pulse rate that doubles both the resolvable acoustic frequency and the distortion-free acoustic amplitude.


With double the product lifetime and an extended standard operating temperature, the new DAS is built to continuously monitor valuable assets even under challenging conditions. AP Sensing’s DAS has an extremely low false alarm rate, giving precise real-time condition information. Power consumption was also reduced by over 30 %, making it ideal for use in remote and low voltage environments.


New intelligent commissioning features reduce setup times, while the system is easily integrated into third party software or custom cloud-based solutions. The lightweight and compact design enables maximum portability.

Our unique technology allows accurate measurement and location of the amplitude, frequency and phase of the incident sound field. The system provides a linear output over distance, time and acoustic intensity.


  • Proven AP Sensing 2P Squared Technology: Outstanding signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) accompanied by a world-leading measurement range for phase-based systems
  • Intelligent event detection that uses AP Sensing’s proprietary deep learning algorithms
  • More-than-doubled MTBF
  • Extremely low false alarm rate (FAR)
  • New algorithms lead to dynamic range and noise floor improvements of over 75 %
  • Features 100 km measurement range with two simultaneous channels
  • Reduced commissioning and setup time
  • Intelligent self-diagnosis improves troubleshooting
  • Low optical output power (class 1 laser product)