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For supporting road surface signs, a flexible delineator post is used in places where the danger of traffic accidents is high and attention are required by drivers. The delineator post divides the traffic flow spatially in both directions by catching the driver's eyes to warning them about the dangers.

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  • Rich in quality
  • Have passed 200 bending tests
  • Have high resilience with 80 Ø in the higher circumference and 100Ø in the lower circumference
  • With 2.5mm in the upper thickness and 4.5mm in the lower thickness, they are very elastic
  • Have a dirt-resistant surface that is smooth and glossy
  • Very bright reflective sheeting that never breaks apart
  • Size: Ø250 x Ø80 x 450mm
  • Size: Ø200 x Ø80 x 750mm
  • Size: Ø250 x Ø80 x 750mm