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Discover timeless elegance with our Classical Guard Rails collection, meticulously crafted to enhance the charm of any architectural design.

We supply a wide range of technologically advanced roads & utilities systems to meet all traffic safety barrier requirements. Steel guardrails and barriers for permanent and temporary use are all tested to EN 1317-2 and have containment levels ranging from N2 to H4b in various production standards, such as RAL-RG 620, NF, etc.


  • ESP : Single sided steel guardrail. The standard solution with containment level N2*.
  • EDSP : Single sided steel guardrail. Tested and approved to the higher containment levels of H1 and H2*.
  • DDSP/1.33 SL : Double sided steel guardrail. Post distance of 1.330 mm. Tested and approved to H2*.


  • Designed for use in road work zones and to channel traffic safely.