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Road Barriers – MASH TL3/EN/NCHRP 350 Tested Civil Infrastructure
Road Barriers – MASH TL3/EN/NCHRP 350 Tested Roads & Utilities

Presenting the BarrierGuard 800, a temporary steel road barrier which has proven itself to be successful under MASH, NCHRP-350, EN 1317, tests and combines several performance levels into a simple product. It has been tested MASH TL-3, TL-3 MDS, N2, T3, H1 and H2 and easily fulfils these international demands. The step profile allows for a controlled crash behaviour with very little damage to both the vehicle and the construction itself. Often, the Road Administrations, favour the step geometry.

Though there are signalisation lights, cones and others but both the road workers along with the road users are at high risks during several roadworks. This work zone can be protected with the help of a temporary crash barrier for benefitting both the workforce and the road users. This is used as a lane divider for traffic which allows for safe traffic separation. In several countries there are several demands with respect to the containment appearance and level. This product offers the most suitable solution. It comes in pre-assembled 12m sections with a relatively low weight. It has a unique quick-mount connection design with fasteners which allows for installations up to 300 metres of barrier per hour. No fasteners are used which can get lost during installation and stocking. This product can be installed quickly and removed and limits the traffic disruptions while reducing the overall carbon footprint. The durability of the steel Barrierguard ensures that in the event of a conventional vehicle collision, the damage to both of them is reduced significantly with minimal debris that results in little or no repair requirement. It ensures the safety of the ongoing workforce while allowing maximum lane usage on the busy road network. The versatile design makes way for the angles plates and angle sections to be used for tight radii. Connections to the existing guardrails can be made with the help of standard connection pieces.