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Plastic Conveyor Screens for Wastewater Wastewater Solutions
Plastic Conveyor Screens for Wastewater Pretreatment Screens & Screen Handling Equipments
Plastic Conveyor Screens for Wastewater Dutcotennant
Plastic conveyor screens are self-cleaning continuous belt screens which can be used as fine screens in both domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants. They are generally preferred in leather industry, food industry and paper mills due to the manufacturing materials and non-clogging feature. Sismat Uluslararası Plastic Conveyor Screens are mainly made up of frame, screen band with carrier hooks, brush and discharge chute. The essential part of plastic conveyor screens is “carrier hook”. The arrangement of hooks on the shafts forms a filter belt which is fitted into a support frame. A reversely rotating brush provides an additional self-cleaning feature. FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF SISMAT ULUSLARARASI PLASTIC CONVEYOR SCREENS
• Durable design
• Easy and silent operation
• Automatic cleaning mechanism by time or level sensors
• Low maintenance requirement
• Low energy cost