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Non Rising Stem - Cast Iron Plumbing Products

For industrial and commercial distribution of water, Non-Rising Stem Cast Iron Gate Valves are used. They are having an epoxy-coated cast iron body that comes with ANSI B16.1 flanged connections, metal or resilient Seated Wedge disc, stainless steel or bronze non-rising stem, cast iron bonnet and a handwheel made up of cast iron.

Non-Rising Stem - Cast Iron Gate Valves need a very small space for operation when compared to the rising stem variants. The design and construction of the Non-rising Valves are made in such a way that the gate’s stem is completely open when the handle gets rotated towards the farthest point on the left and completely closed when the handle is rotated to the farthest right. In both of the cases, the handle is flushed with the pipe due to the mechanism present inside the pipe gets opened and the valve is closed without the stem getting raised. The NRS valves are much easier to padlock. These valves are mostly used on clean gases and liquids. The stem nut present inside the body of the valve and contacts directly with the medium. When you are closing or operating the gate, it is via the rotation of the stem of the valve. This type of construction gives the advantage which that the valve’s height stays unchanged which makes the installation need very small space and it is suited for big-sized valves or valves which are having limited spaces for installation.

The stem nut present inside the Non-Rising Stem - Cast Iron Gate Valves directly contacts with the medium. When the valve is getting closed or opened, it is via the rotation of the stem of the valve. This type of construction gives an advantage that the height of the gate valve stays the same and the very small room is needed for installation and this is suited for big gate valves having limited space for installation. The non-rising variant is mostly equipped with an indicator for closing and opening. But this again comes with some drawbacks too. The threads of the stem won’t be lubricated and will be etched directly by the medium and can get damaged easily. The drive threads of the nrs valves are located inside the body of the valve. In the process of closing and opening, only the stem rotates and the plate of the valve falls or rises in the body of the valve.

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  • Comply with BS 5150 or MSS SP-70
  • Epoxy coated cast iron body with flanged connections
  • Full port flow, low head loss
  • Fusion bonded coating, internal and external
  • Seat Bronze or Stainless steel Seat
  • Cast iron hand wheel.
  • Flanges to EN 1092-2 PN 16 or ANSI B 16.1 Class 125

Technical Data

Max Pressure 16 Bar All Sizes (25 Bar for DN 50 – 300mm)
Working Temperature -10°C to +120°C