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Lockshield - Bronze Plumbing Products

Every radiator that is present in a home requires a couple of radiator valves that work as a tap and allows the user to control the temperature of the water. One among those valves is the lockshield – bronze valve which balances the system by controlling how much heat will be emitted by the radiator. The lockshield valve is mostly covered with a plastic cap. How much water should stay in or flow out of the radiator and back into the pipeline is controlled by it. Conventionally it remains fixed so that users cannot easily turn it as the expert engineer will have set it up for ensuring an even distribution of water throughout the entire property so that our radiators get heated up in the same space.

By the term "lockshield" it is meant that once the adjustments are done, the valve is shielded with the plastic cap which prevents it from being changed accidentally. When the caps are removed, the top of a spindle is revealed that traditionally comprises of two straight sides at the top for taking an open-ended or adjustable spanner. In a lockshield valve, there is a cap that does not turn the valve mechanism. Either the cap is locked in place so that it can't be turned or it spins without engaging the valve mechanism. They mainly balance the radiator. When the cap is removed, the valve can be opened and closed with a small spanner. Closing the valve progressively restricts the water flow through the radiator. The cap is again put back after this. The design of the cap has been done deliberately to not operate the valve; this is because to prevent the setting of the valve from being accidentally altered. We supply Lockshield Gate Valves which can be used to turn off the water from part of the system and avoiding the requirement to drain down the complete system in order to perform maintenance work. When this is supplied with a lockshield, it enables the water flow to be easily turned off or on with a spanner. Our single brass compression lockshield gate valves can connect two copper tubes on a hot or cold system. You just need to simply tighten the nuts onto the pipe without requiring any heat or solder and you are done with the installation. These valves are tamper-proof as it requires to be opened with a tool and close instead of a handle.

Some older versions of the radiators have a square or half-moon shape. The spindle is turned with the spanner for adjusting the flow of water through the radiator. Adjustment is required for the lockshield valve while ‘balancing’ radiators in several rooms. In cases when a radiator is taking very long to warm up, it needs more hot water flowing through it. This actually means that the lockshield valve must be opened for allowing the radiator to fill faster. in cases when a radiator gets heated faster than others then the flow through it requires to be restricted. The valve should be tightened to this for reducing the flow of water. Are you looking for the best-in-class Lockshield – Bronze valves in the Middle East? Then get them from Dutco Tennant LLC. We are the largest lockshield gate valve supplier in Dubai. Our supplied range of products is highly reliable and suited for a wide range of plumbing applications. For all your diversified requirements, get in touch with us today. Our highly experienced team will take care of all your needs and suggest you the perfect solution according to your requirement.


  • Available in Screwed BSP Taper (ISO 7/1) or NPT (ANSI B1.20.1)
  • Bronze Body & Disc
  • PN20 Rated
  • BS 5154 (BS EN12288) / MSS-SP-80
  • Screwed Bonnet
  • Lock Shield
  • WRAS Approved

Technical Data

Max Pressure 20 Bar
Working Temperature -10°C to +180°C