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Non Rising Stem - Brass Plumbing Products

Commonly in residential and commercial general service applications, Brass Gate Valves are used. They are constructed with a brass body which comes with female threaded connections, PTFE packing, solid wedge disk, non-rising stem and gland made up of brass, brass threaded bonnet and cross-handle handwheel of cast iron.

Non-rising stem brass gate valves are a type of valve which comes with flexible wedges as on-off disc that moves in a direction which is perpendicular with the flow. The term Non-Rising Stem is used for denoting outer side stem which is also known as the rotary stem gate valve or blind stem gate valve wedge. Inside an NRS valve, the stem will be turned for closing and opening the gate but the stem will not move down or up when it is turned. The gate valves can only be completely in closed or open position. The non-rising stem gate valves are mostly used in a wide range of industries, mostly like public works, water supply projects, firefighting, water treatment plants and others. Dutco Tennant LLC is a prominent plumbing valves supplier in the Middle East. We are known for our extensive range of industrial and commercial valves. These brass valves are manufactured by our partners in modern factories using the most updated techniques and methods. Every phase of the manufacturing process beginning with the selection of raw materials to forging, casting and machining, testing and assembly has been improved with our automated facilities for production along with unparalleled technology of production. The automation and standardization have made the way for the creation of NRS gate valves of the highest quality and best in class uniformity at the most competitive pricing which is supported by prompt delivery and incomparability. The brass valves have been designed using the most advanced technologies, a group of best minds of the country with automation and thoroughly inspected to ensure the best-in-class quality. If you are in search for non-rising stem gate valves in the Middle East, then Dutco Tennant LLC is the place to be. We can offer you with the best options from the biggest names of the world.


  • Screwed BSP Taper (ISO 7/1)
  • Brass Body & Wedge
  • BS5154

Technical Data

Max Pressure 20 Bar
Working Temperature -10°C to +180°C