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Rising Stem - Cast Iron Plumbing Products

Mostly in water distribution projects, the Cast Iron Rising Stem Gate Valves are used for industrial and commercial applications. They are found with an epoxy-coating, the cast iron body having ANSI B16.1 flanged connection, metal or resilient seated wedge disc, bronze/stainless steel rising stem, cast iron bonnet and cast-iron handwheel. Cast Iron or gray iron is a metal type that has been in use for several years. It is an alloy that comprises around 96%-98% iron, carbon by around 2%-4% and trace amounts of silicone. When it is about pressures, the strength of the cast iron mostly depends on the class of pressure. The two most common classes are 125 and 250. At temperatures that are less extreme, the class 125 cast iron flange has been rated for pressures among 150 and 200 PSI. The 250-class type is a little tougher having a pressure rating between 300-500 PSI. By the end type, these pressures can actually vary.

Being strong, cast iron will generally not get damaged even after going via intense vibrations. The main point of concern lies that they are not very much ductile. So, any type of bending can cause the iron to get cracked and become useless. A great quality of the cast iron is that they are not much expensive. Being strong, cast iron stem gate valves can take care of higher pressures compared to any plastic, When the rated pressure of the valve gets exceeded, it can get cracked or bent. Cast Iron does not actually have zero ductility which means that it is rigid and will get cracked if it is bent. Over the period of time, the rising stem gate valves can be also get rusted so it is important to have regular maintenance to keep it clear of corrosion. The Cast iron valves can be highly cost-efficient because of their simple manufacturing process when compared to ductile iron valves. If you are not looking for any added benefits which are offered by Ductile Iron Valves, then this is the best choice for you. If you are looking for the finest range of Cast Iron rs gate valves in the Middle East, then you can get them from Dutco Tennant LLC.


  • Flanged ANSI 125 (B16.1)
  • Class 125 Rated
  • OSY rising stem
  • Conforms to ASME B16.10 & MSS SP-70

Technical Data

Max Pressure 13.8 Bar
Working Temperature -10°C to +230°C