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Non Rising Stem - Bronze Plumbing Products

The Bronze Non-Rising Stem Gate Valves are used mostly in residential and commercial general service applications. They are found with the construction of bronze body have female threaded connections, PTFE packing, the non-rising stem of Brass and gland, solid wedge disc, bronze threaded bonnet, cross-handle hand wheel and cast iron.

Non-Rising stem gate valves offer complete closing, while the seats remain undamaged and offer very little resistance to flow in the open position. These valves are highly suited for infrequent operations of the valve as any dirt in the system can create scuffing of the seats. These valves are not recommended to be used in the partially open position as the erosion and vibration of the disc can happen. While selecting and valve, make sure that it is suited for the conditions of service. Take out the protectors of flange, dust caps wherever they are fitted. The entire piping system is needed to be flushed before commissioning for guaranteeing that the foreign matters are removed. Frequently, the subsequent valve failures are caused by dirt and other remaining matters inside the pipeline. The valves are manufactured with precision and are meant to be taken care of. You need to handle them perfectly. Allowing the dirt to enter through the NRS gate valve end ports, lack of cleaning the system and the valve before operating and extensive force while assembly and operating of hard wheel.

Our supplied Plumbing Gate Valves are the culmination of advanced manufacturing equipment, techniques and the latest research in engineering and product development, bundled with skilled craftsmanship and decades of experience in the field. Our supplied valves are suited for working pressures of liquid which are specified on catalog pages only when they are used in hydraulic installations in which the shock is negligible or absent. The sudden closing of a valve inside a hydraulic system causes the body of the liquid that may be moving at a rate that is mostly in excess of one foot per second for stopping instantaneously. The liquids being incompressible relatively, the sudden cessation of the flow effects a rise in pressure which is considered to be higher than the static working pressure. This increase in the pressure is known as shock and in some cases may be capable of causing the failure of the pipes or the valves.

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  • Available in Screwed BSP Taper (ISO 7/1) or
    NPT (ANSI B1.20.1)
  • Bronze Body & Disc
  • PN20 Rated
  • BS 5154 (BS EN12288) / MSS-SP-80
  • Screwed Bonnet
  • WRAS Approved

Technical Data

Max Pressure 20 Bar
Working Temperature -10°C to +180°C