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Y Type Strainers - Brass Plumbing Products

Plumbing y type strainers – brass have been designed for protecting the components of the system from rust, dirt and other debris of damaging which helps the plumbing systems. This series is having a solid retainer cap having gasket. The connections on the end are threaded.

Y-strainers are mechanical devices that are used to remove the unwanted solids from the gas, liquid or lines of steam with the help of a wire mesh or perforated straining element. In pipelines, they are used for protecting meters, pumps, steam traps, control valves, regulators and other types of equipment. These strainers are extremely cost-effective solutions for straining in various applications. In cases where the material amount which is needed to be removed from the flow is very much small, this results in long intervals among the cleaning of the screen, the strainer screen gets cleaned manually by shutting down the line and removing the cap of the strainer. For applications having heavier loading of dirt, the plumbing y type strainers – brass can be fitted with the help of a blow-off connection which allows the screen to be cleaned without removing that from the body of the strainer. These strainers are used for a wide range of straining applications of liquid for protecting the process of downstream system components in various industries. In applications of water handling where the strainers of Y shaped are used for protecting the equipment which could be clogged or damaged by the help of gravel, sand or other debris are very common. While these are often used in various applications for liquid types, these strainers are considered the standard for applications of steam and are universally almost used for these types of applications. They are compact, have a shape of a cylinder that is strong and can take care of high pressures. They are literally a vessel of pressure. The strainers of the Y shape that can take care of the pressure of around 6000 psi are not that uncommon. Obviously, in this type of case, the strainer design is important in that it can stand up to these high pressure without failing. During the handling of high-pressure steam, another complicating factor can arise which is the temperature. The pressure of steam more than 1500 psi does not recommend the usage of standard carbon steel.

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  • Screwed BSP Parallel (ISO 228/1)
  • Brass Body
  • Stainless Steel Mesh

Technical Data

Max Pressure 20 Bar
Working Temperature 0°C to +150°C