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Y Type Strainers - Lead Free Bronze Plumbing Products

The copper silicon alloy Y-Strainers which are also known as plumbing y type strainers - lead-free bronze for protecting the components of the system from rust, dirt and other types of debris that can cause damages to the plumbing system. This series comes with a solid retainer cap having a gasket. The connections on the end are threaded. The y-shaped strainers are devices that have been intended to remove and retain sediments, debris and other small-sized solids which are present inside heating, plumbing or colling systems with the help of a stainless mesh screen. With an angled outlet, the strainers are found to have a tapping at the bottom that accumulated the debris and can be easily cleaned with the removal of an installed plug. These strainers can help for protecting valuable components of the system like heaters, boilers, pumps and heat exchangers from getting malfunctioned and failed due to the build-up of sediments. Installation of a y-strainer helps in reducing the frequency and equipment maintenance cost.

Plumbing y type strainers - lead-free bronze are furnished standard having pipe plugs and drain connections. Very commonly, these strainers are fixed on the field having drain valves and nipples for allowing the strainer screen to get cleaned while the system still runs in the process. With the opening of the drainage valve with the system being under pressure, the trapped debris under the screen gets blown via this connection which helps for reducing the shutdowns of the system for cleaning and maintenance works. These strainers can be found in both foreign and domestic casting having a wide range of options for straining for all types of applications. Our supplied line of plumbing y type strainers - lead-free bronze meets all the various regulations for low lead certifications. They have been designed using the most innovative technologies. They are suited for all types of plumbing applications.

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  • ‘M’ Press Ends
  • Brass Body
  • EPDM ‘O’ Rings
  • Stainless Steel Strainer
  • Pre Press Leak Detection

Technical Data

Max Pressure 20 Bar
Working Temperature -10°C to +180°C