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Y Type Strainers – Cast Iron Plumbing Products

Flanged y type strainers - cast iron having wye-pattern are featured with an epoxy coating outside and inside which is FDA approved and is suited for food contact applications and potable water. They are featured with a wye pattern, Class 125 connections of the flange with Cast Iron body of Class B, bolted, stainless steel screen and retainer cap with tapped iron having graphite gasket along with iron blow-down plug.

These strainers have found their name due to the shape of the configuration which is very much similar to the English alphabet Y. They are very useful when it is about protecting the compressors and pumps as the debris or dirt which are present inside the latter gets collected inside the strainer without any comprise with the drop in pressure. These strainers are highly suitable for vertical and horizontal pipelines in which it is difficult to remove the debris from the gas or liquid. They can be found in numerous pipelines and are the most common and economic option for permanent use. Y type strainers - cast iron is the most commonly used strained present inside the pipelines for handling dust particles that are small in size. They are suited for removing debris away from the pipeline in a highly systematic way without creating any harm to the pipelines. As per the name, these strainers are mostly made up of cast steel. Alternatively, alloy steel or stainless steel also works for each other on various occasions. When it is about the dimensions of the strainers, the screwed socket weld ends are mostly ¼ inch to 2 inches. So, these are compact in size and can fit several pipe types very comfortably. The rate pressure is 150. These strainers are having a sturdy filtration area much more than quadruple wall thickness which is around API 600 the easy instability it renders because of the compact design and size.

No crush or No leak screen chambers are assured due to the precise machining of the chamber’s both ends for offering perfectly round and smooth surfaces for seating along with the fixed length of the chamber. The screen snugly on the surface which is machined and no particle larger than the opening of the screen can escape from the screen’s end. If you are in search of the most advanced range of y type strainers - cast iron in the Middle East, then Dutco Tennant LLC is the most trusted supplier to get them from.


  • Flange Mounting PN16 Only
  • BS EN 558-1 Series 1
  • DN50 & DN65 Square Drain Port
  • DN80 - DN600 Circular Drain Port

Technical Data

Maximum Pressure 16 Bar
Working Temperature -10°C to +230°C