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Aqua Fast Coupling Irrigation & Landscaping
Aqua Fast Coupling Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE)

The unique pressure sealing system offers a simple and reliable solution for connecting polyethylene and PVC pipe. Adding to that, an enhanced gripping mechanism provides end load restraint which resists pipe pull out. No special tools or skills are needed for making effortless installation at a much faster time than others. From the very beginning to the end, the AquaFast series offers benefits for the installer. The fittings are assembled completely and there is no requirement for chamfer pipe ends nor the use of a support liner on PE or thin-walled PVC pipe. It is completely suitable for all types of weather conditions and there is no requirement for shelter so it is ideal for on the spot repairing. The enhanced AquaFast design offers precise control over the activation of the gripper for ensuring improved functionality while undertaking a repair, even in harsh trench conditions without any requirement of dismantling on the coiled or oval pipe. This can also be used in submerged or wet applications.

As there are only a few bolts which need to be fastened, only two per fitting up to 125mm and minimum bolt tightening which uses a standard spanner, the installation is again simplified by the easy alignment of holes of the bolt and a positive stop during the tightening of the bolt that ensures optimum assembly every time. The inhibits over-tightening stops by removing the requirement for a torque wrench because of the metal to metal positive. The coupling is available from 63mm to 315mm OD. They have been designed for working on PE80 / PE100 PE Pipe SDR 11, 17 & 17.6 without a support liner and can also be used for connecting metric PVC pipe.


  • Easy alignment mainly over coiled and oval pipe due to the improved design
  • Greater flexibility, even in the harsh and wet trench conditions are offered by the new gripper mechanism for aligning the pipework correctly
  • High performance even after pipe wall relaxation, is ensured by the pressure responsive and progressive gripping sealing technology
  • These couplings are ideal for smaller diameter pumped sewerage pipelines as a support liner is not required
  • No requirement for dismantling before using, you can simply slip into the place and tighten it
  • The slip-on coupling without central obstruction makes it much easier for making repairs to the existing pipelines
  • They are supplied as standard with EPDM gasket approved by WRAS for use with potable water
  • Protection for corrosion – the metal components are coated with Rilsan Nylon 11 that is approved for use with potable water by WRAS
  • Dual functionality – This can be connected with PE80/100 and Metric PVC that is ideal for PE/PVC transitional connections
  • The fully restrained fitting has been designed for meeting the performance requirements of WIS 4-24-01 Type 2 and ISO 14236.2
  • The patented metal and gasket component design offers triple contact pressure responsive sealing that ensures high performance sealing even after pipe wall relaxation