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EasiRange Coupling Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE)
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The EasiRange clamp comprises two halves which are hinged and can be opened completely for permitting quicker and easier fittings on the pipe. Unlike the four-bolt clamps where the operative needs to position the two halves of the clamp on each side of the pipes, the hinged two-bolt clamp is completely opened, positioned over the top of the pipe, and then under its own weight, the hinged halves drop, close and get locked into position by the two patented self-retaining bolts. While the length of time gets reduced by the easier methods of installation, with only two bolts there is limited scope for re-aligning the fractured pipe which makes it much more suitable for impact damage, pinhole corrosion, and longitudinal fractures.

The two-bolt hinged repair clamp also uses lugs that facilitate connection to equipment which can install the clamp from the trench side, removing the requirement for an operator to enter the excavation. All of this along with the self-locating bolts which can lock into position when the clamp is on the pipe, means the fittings are designed by keeping in mind about the future when the keyhole vacuum excavation is used for accessing the pipelines for undertaking repairs. The iron bodied EasiClamp offers a permanent repair which is strong like the original pipe.

A reliable and permanent seal is guaranteed by EasiClamp even on highly corroded pipes by EasiClamp. The “waffle” gasket from Viking Johnson is a unique feature of this product which is 100% circumferential and offers a leak-tight seal that also caters to circumferential or longitudinal cracks. The EPDM gasket has been approved by WRAS for use in potable water that ensures a permanent and reliable leak-tight solution. Using the latest technology, the range has been manufactured with minimal raw material usage. The products are made from malleable or ductile iron or steel half housings. The products will seal and support around the pipe for the full length of the body by ensuring that sealing effectiveness is maintained in all circumstances.

Product Features

  • Can be installed under pressure.
  • No costly mains shutdown
  • No disruption to customers
  • No dirty water complaints
  • Enables easy repair in conditions where other pipes are in close proximity.
  • A reliable and permanent leak tight seal on circumferential or longitudinal cracks.
  • Available from DN50 to DN300.

Idea Uses

Circumferential breaks, Corrosion holes, impact damage, longitudinal cracks