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The best solution for the simplified and low-cost installation of pipes through walls.

The conventional process of passing pipes via walls is by leaving a sizeable cut-out in the wall during the process. In the future, using a ‘puddle pipe’ via the cut-out, the contractor supports the pipe for building an intricate ‘letter-box’ shutter around it. The contractor compacts and pours the new concrete into the void for encapsulating the puddle pipe. In several cases, the pipe can move with the pour for settling to a less suitable alignment.

The Viking Johnson wall coupling is held rigidly between the shutters and this takes away the need for the ‘boxing out’ process. This means simplifies the pouring process. And for this, the leak paths which are set up inevitably when new concrete is poured into the old ones, are eliminated completely. By using a standard type 1 wall coupling from Viking Johnson, a flexible couple is obtained on either side of the wall where pipes can either be passed via or inserted into each side. This makes way for slight angular deflection and slight misalignment on every side of the wall. When a wall coupling is used, the first settlement coupling or rocker on the outside of the structure is built into the sheer face of the wall, exactly where it is required. It is also meant that only there is a requirement for only one further flexible coupling for forming the settlement rocker and not two. The cost of installation can be reduced drastically, mainly in cases where a huge number of through the wall joints are appearing like in a gravity treatment work.

All the products are designed and manufactured under quality management systems which are certified to ISO 9001.


  • Corrosion Protection – With Nylon 11, metal components are coated which is WRAS approved for use with potable water and offers long-term protection to corrosion, abrasion, and impact for ensuring continuous reliable performance.
  • Flexible Fitting – By using a standard Type 1 Wall Coupling from Viking Johnson, users get a flexible coupling on either side of the wall where pipes can either be passed through or inserted into each side. This makes wat for slight misalignment or angular deflection on each side of the wall.