The most exciting event of the year is back! Yes, we are talking about the Big 5 and gladly announce our participation in this extremely prestigious event for the construction industry in the Middle East. Despite having a whole bunch of exciting events planned for the exhibition, last year due to the global outbreak of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, we had to cancel all our plans as the exhibition was canceled keeping in mind all the visitors and participants. This year the largest construction event in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia is coming back by taking all the necessary precautions for keeping everyone safe. After the huge success which we witnessed in the year 2019, Ducto Tennant LLC is coming back to the event to showcase the trendiest and demanded products for the Construction Specialties and Civil Infrastructure department. So here is a sneak peek into what you can expect at stall no – 8E359 from 12 to 15 September 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Ceramic Edge Profiles

A high-class finish is offered by the Ceramic Edge Profiles to the edges of the tiles and this offers a very stylish look. They are used at the junction of tile to tile or tile to non-tile covered surfaces. This protects the external corners by ensuring a very smooth finish. The trims also help for forming a joint gap among the tile and trim. They are found in several heights and materials of construction.

Movement Control Profiles

Our movement control profiles can be found in several materials like Aluminum brass, stainless steel and PVC which can be used in large-sized buildings in between the control profile tiles for adjusting the contraction and expansion of the tiles due to several external forces. The sizes are custom-made as per the requirements of the projects.

Tactile Indicators

Made up of several materials, the tactile indicators are installed over the surface of the ground which consists of a series of raised studs and strips. They are mostly used for assisting pedestrians who are physically challenged with warning and hazard information for helping them to navigate on the sidewalks of the roads and public buildings. Check them out and learn their importance from our experts at the Big 5.

Stair Nosing Profiles

ASTEKNIK stair nosing profiles are used for defining, making and protecting the laying up of steps in the marble, ceramic and stone. They can improve the safety over the steps, protect the edges of the stairs from getting cracked and chipped. They also offer an aesthetically pleasing finishing profile. Get demonstrations about them in our stall.

Expansion Joints

ASTEKNIK has an extensive range of Seismic, heavy-duty, watertight expansion joint covers for walls, ceilings, roofs and floors which are all manufactured in several dimensions and can be used in the exteriors and interiors of the building. The joints can be found in various colors and types. They can be installed with fire barriers which can offer excellent 4-hour fire protection.

Entrance Matting System

The entrance mats are the main barriers for preventing the water and dirt from getting walked in and progressing over the interior floor of a building that protects the surface finish of the door. We supply an extensive range of commercial entrance mats that cannot just be used at the entrance of the building and the access points but can also be used in other areas which are subjected to increased soiling risk and heavy wear.

Toilet Cubicles

This year at the Big 5, Dutco Tennant LLC will be having live demonstrations of toilet cubicles from Merino Restrooms. These toilet cubicles have been designed for outdoor parks, pools and shower rooms, at the office complexes, shopping malls, public restrooms at hotels, public buildings, airport & staff accommodation buildings. They are made with high quality, wear-resistant plastic having a smooth surface and are mainly stress and distortion-free and are easy to adjust with the site conditions.

Residential Roofing Shingles

Having the best roof shingles can boost the curb appeal of any home style ranging from rustic to urban to colonial and contemporary. You can find the best asphalt shingles for your projects in the collections of IKO. They offer a wide range like Performance, Designer, Architectural or Traditional. They are engineered to be long-lasting and are trendsetters. These will be offered exclusively in the Middle East by Dutco Tennant LLC.

But this is just a sneak peek and there will be more things to witness for you. So don’t forget to visit us at the stall – 7D301 from September 12 to 15 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.