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Movement Control Profiles Finishing Products

Movement control profiles are available in different materials to include Aluminum, stainless steel, brass and PVC and can be used in large buildings in between the control profile tiles to adjust the expansion and contraction of the tiles due to various external forces. The sizes are custom-made as per the requirement. Movement control joints prevent the formation of cracks, protect tile edges, absorb the transmission of sound and any vibration on the floor, and balance compressive stress. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor finishing profile applications in all hard flooring areas such as ceramic paving, flagstone paving, granite, marble, wood, all mortar-laid floors, etc.

They are recommended for areas exposed to extreme loads, production facilities, warehouses, airports, shopping malls, public buildings, hotels, parking areas, etc. All the Movement control joints are coated which makes way for the perfect coherence with the coverings of the floor and this also constitutes integrity. These profiles are extremely resistant against oil, acids and strong cleaning materials. These expansion joints are used in places where there is exposure to high foot traffic and vehicles like for example the areas like airports, office premises, shopping malls, hospitals and hotels. There lies a huge risk for getting broken or cracked due to the pressure over the tiles, wall tile, granite or marbles along with expansion and marbles due to the thermal change over these coats. These profiles are needed to be applied at around every 16 square meters of area. They can absorb all the contractions and expansion stresses and make the ambiance much more attractive. They are mainly made up of stainless steel material having natural anodized or mil finish with the required color. They have been developed for high mechanical loads. The movement control profile comes with no requirement for maintenance for natural stone, ceramic and surface covering applications that are exposed to high mechanical expansion. Floor movement control joints offered by us can offer completely maintenance-free and functional solutions which are suited for all the relevant movement joints in the tile coverings. The range comprises several types of profiles for movement and expansion joints along with control joints at the transition and edge areas.


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