We at Dutco Tennant LLC, always recommend our clients to use metal roofing for their uses because of several benefits that it has to offer. Because of the low cost, shingles are a popular choice, but they are much behind in line when it comes to metal roofs, because of longevity, durability, and superior protection of your home. Home is one of our most expensive buys and we would always like to keep it uptight, and for that, you should always invest in something that is bound to withstand the test of time. There are still a lot of underlying misconceptions and myths about metal roofs. All of these myths can at times cause a person to opt for other options than a metal roof which can actually prove to be harmful. So for all of those reasons, being one of the most reputed metal roofing suppliers in the Middle East, we are here to put an end to all of those myths and tell you the reason to choose them.

Myth 1 - Metal Roofs are a thing of the past

By just hearing the name of the metal roof, many people think that it is the kind of corrugated tin roof that occasionally appears on barns and other structures. Some of them again picture an ancient home having a metal roof and a very outdated and suffocating appearance. But as a matter of fact, metal roofs are much more than that and can last a really long time with a great value for money.

Myth 2 - Metal roofs hampers the appearance of your home

Your house will get a very attractive look comprising of a sleek and sharp appearance. The most exciting thing about a metal roof is that you will be getting a house that will not require any roofing replacement for a long time. You will always have an option that fits perfectly and boasts an amazing look to align with the other architectural elements of your home. But what is beautiful and appealing and what is not varies from person to person.

Myth 3 - Metal roofs are heavier

Metal roofing is comparatively one of the most lighter weighting roofing materials available in the market. It actually depends on the materials which you will be choosing. Aluminum is the lightest choice with around 50 pounds per square. Whereas shingles, weight around 200 pounds per square for basic ones and 500 pounds per square for the higher end shingles. If your room is capable of supporting the weight of shingles, then it can easily support the weight of metal.

Myth 4 - Metal roofs are very noisy during the rain

Previously metal roofs had a faulty way of the installation which proved to be very noisy. When it rains, this type of installation creates a very noisy environment that may not be liked by everyone. But with modern installation methods, the noise can be reduced heavily. Modern methods of padding material and plywood decking gives an acoustic feel and reduces all the noise.

Myth 5 - Metal Roofs are highly prone to rust

Yes, the older types of Metal Roofing were highly prone to rust but not the newer ones. In the earlier days, the rusty old roofs were made of a corrugated metal which was highly prone to rust and completely different from the ones available in the market today. Modern ones have high tech coating that resists the growth of rust.

We hope that this blog will help you to understand and put an end to some of the weirdest logics and myths regarding metal roofing. If you have any inquiries and project related queries then definitely get in touch with us. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading provider of industrial & residential insulated metal roof tiles in the GCC region. We provide a wide range of metal roofing profiles for architectural finishing. These metal profiles have been tested & evaluated for use in various installations and have exceeded the industry standards in use & sustainability. We provide a portfolio of quality metal profiles that have been evaluated & approved by third parties. Some of our recent projects include - Al Murooj Rotana, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Outlet Village Mall, Private Villa in Jumeirah, Al Kawneej Villa. We are the exclusive regional suppliers of Decra.

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