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Decra Milano Construction Specialities
Decra Milano Finishing Products

Decra Milano is hugely inspired by the conventional Roman tile designs. They have a smooth, elegant and clean look. They have a timeless profile which can make a very strong style statement mostly over steeply pitched roofs and comes with a Mediterranean heritage that is mostly suited for coastal properties and for those who want to make a style statement. Because of the timeless look of the traditional Mediterranean roofs, Decra Milano is loved by specifiers and architects to work with the soft curves and versatility of the strong inter locking profile.

Being inspired by the conventional roman tile designs, Decra Milano tiles are having a clean, smooth and elegant look. The timeless profiles can make a huge statement mostly on steeply pitched roofs and with a Mediterranean heritage is mostly suited to coastal properties and those who want to make a style statement. The textured stone colour that you are choosing for the Decra Milano tile roof will be adding individuality and character for your home. The Milano roofing tiles have been coated with natural stone chips which are formed volcanically and are taken from quarries of New Zealand. These coating can add natural beauty to the roof along with a hard weather protection layer. As this is natural stone, the vibrant colour is protected from the extreme UV rays of the African sun and will never change. The Decra roof products have been made with aluminium-zinc steel that have shown results to last for around 6 to 9 times more than ordinary galvanised steel roofing products. This can be achieved by protecting the steel core with zinc which is itself protected with the help of an aluminium barrier. Decra is a pioneer in using aluminium-zinc steel and has unrivalled experience as a manufacturer of steel roof tiles which lasts for a long time.