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Metal Roofing Tiles Finishing Products

Beautifully designed in the style of Mediterranean Tile and comprising of the lightweight component of stone coated steel, our Metal roofing tiles adds a unique elegance to any home. With a long-standing reputation for performance, longevity and versatility, Dutco’s Metal Roof Tile is an ideal alternative to traditional tile metal roofing products. Various roofing tile colors option is available to give you the advantage to choose from suiting your best and ideal need for your home. All over the earth, stone-coated metal roof tiles are the preferred choice of roofing material. They are heavily accredited and accepted all over the world by leading architects and homeowners for their exceptional durability and design aesthetics. Dutco Tennant LLC with collaborations with Decra brings together an advanced range of metal tiles to the Middle East. The stone-coated roof tiles are known all over the world and are exceptionally light in weight. They can enhance the look of your roof with the help of their exceptional design and amazing range of colors. The steel roofs have been designed and manufactured to withstand all types of weather hazards like extremely hot and cold weather, strong winds and heavy rainfall. The steel roofs can offer protection to your home from destructive natural forces as the tiles have been designed to interlock and overlap inside a horizontal fixing system. The fastening of these systems is done at right angles which further creates a roof structure of superior strength which is extremely strong for resisting force winds of hurricanes, earthquakes, heavy snowfalls and others. Over the surface lie granulated stone chips which can offer additional weather protection to the roof. Our supplied range of metal roof tiles can easily enhance the style of any home or commercial building by offering a long lasting beautiful look.

Our supplied range of lightweight roof tiles has been designed and manufactured by Decra under strict supervision for meeting the exceptional demands of the increasingly competitive industrial scenario. The stone-coated metal roof solutions can offer eight layers of targeted protection which all have been laboratory tested for offering resistance to alkaline, water, acid, heat, salt, fire along with extremely low temperatures and a cycle of thawing and freezing artificial weathering. Bonding and brightness strength over a layer of the attractive natural stone chip is promoted by a clear acrylic over-glaze. This can offer protection to the base from getting exposed to harmful UV rays that can reduce the surface noise. A base coat can tightly adhere to the lower and upper layers while an acrylic resin coating can protect the zinc-aluminum layer and reflect the heat, resist corrosion and decrease the consumption of energy. This is then followed by a high-strength steel base along with the addition of acrylic resin and zinc-aluminum acrylic resin protective coating.

Benefits –

Our tiles can capture the attractive appearances of cedar shake, clay tile and asphalt shingles having no disadvantages of these traditional roofing materials. The stone-coated metal roofs have emerged as the best choice in advanced roof technology in modern days. The traditional metal roofs can get deteriorated and be damaged easily and may need constant, maintenance, the stone-coated metal roofing tiles offer long-lasting durable performance. Metal tiles supplied by us are state-of-the-art solutions known for their longevity and energy efficiency which makes them a completely sustainable and environmentally friendly product suitable to be used for all your project needs.


  • Lightweight (1.5 lbs. per sq. ft.)
  • Installs Over Solid Deck with Battens
  • Battens Reduce Energy Consumption