The current situation is a very tough time for all of us with great uncertainty which the virus brings. We have all have been in lockdown and isolation but we cannot do this for a long time, right? So now it's time for all of us to slowly begin our operations. The virus is far from gone and is surely going to stay with us for another few days until a potential vaccine comes out. So while we are trying to get back to normal, there are certain things which we all need to follow for keeping us, our families, and our surroundings safe. As a leading supplier of changing room products in Dubai, Dutco Tennant LLC is here to show you how to keep your changing rooms safe. Viruses and bacteria are highly prone to changing rooms, they experience a lot of foot traffic daily and are very essential places. A moist and warm environment is created by showers in which viruses and bacteria can flourish easily.

The things which we will be listing down are very much important to follow and we believe that most of you have already started to abide by them. But for those who are still in doubt, we hope this will help you. So here we go,

Complete Cleanliness

Well, this is the very basic and obvious piece of advice which you should definitely follow but it is important that all the lockers, surfaces, cubicles, door, benches, taps, sinks and handles are kept completely clean with the use of any anti-bacterial spray along with a clean cloth at regular time intervals. You can maintain a cleaning schedule.

Keep Lockers Empty

A lot of users out there, treat the lockers as their permanent personal space, and leave their belongings there. If any of the unsanitized products are left in the locker than bacteria can spread. So make sure to empty them by the end of the day.

Hand Sanitizers

To date, there is no proven medicine for this virus, but what the doctors and the experts have been asking as to follow is that we should always keep our hands clean. So make sure to promote the use of sanitizer. Place sanitizing stations on the entrance and also at the exits of your changing room and remind them to use it before and after any use.

Restrict the number of users at a single time

It may not be possible to allow everyone to use the changing room at the same time. Social distancing is a really effective method of promoting safety and for that, you should limit the users of your changing room for a particular time. It can depend on the total area of your room.

Do weekly full sanitization

You need to perform a complete sanitization every week. Make sure that we leave no corners untouched as if you leave any area, then there still remains a chance of contamination. You can also do this twice a week according to your requirement.

You metal anti-bacterial lockers

There is a wide range of metal lockers available and some of them are available with anti-bacterial coating within the paint. Dutco Tennant LLC can get you those Changing Room Products for your facilities. They come with several regulations and will surely help you.

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