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Raised Access Flooring Cementitious Core are fabricated with the die-cut flat top sheet and die-formed and stiffened bottom pan formed from cold-rolled steel sheet joined together by resistance welding to form an enclosed assembly, with metal surfaces protected against corrosion by manufacturer’s standard factory-applied finish. The safe working load or design load for the panels is equal to the concentrated load. The cementitious panel can be surface covered with carpets, high-pressure laminates, marble, and stone. The panel offers excellent concentrate, rolling and ultimate load resistance.

For customers, architects and specifiers our cementitious panel has emerged to be the preferred choice because of its enhanced performance characteristics in comparison with a conventional wooden core access floor or calcium silicate panels. The cementitious cores are much inherently less susceptible to humidity fluctuations and temperature compared to a wooden core product. This helps with on-site installation programming and so offers much higher flexibility. These solutions are fireproof, used widely in computer rooms, offer accurate and fast installations, have excellent anti-static performance, can take out static electricity produced by the servers when they are in use.

Features -

  • Made of high-quality steel sheet
  • Lightweight cementitious infilled makes panels solid and quiet
  • Electrodeposition cathodic epoxy paint finish for lifetime protection
  • Completely non-combustible
  • Excellent rolling load & Ultimate load performance
  • Excellent grounding and electrical continuity
  • Class A flame spread and smoke development rating
  • Interchangeable panel strengths
  • Time-sensitive maintenance

Applications –

These panels are suitable for a wide range of applications from typical office applications to computer rooms, data centers, clean rooms, and telecommunication.

These floors can provide a solution to the problem of housing the many services associated with modern communication technology. It conceals all cabling while allowing easy access for maintenance or changes. The voids of the floor can also be used as plenums for air distribution. It provides maximum flexibility and therefore the facility to design the floor layout to suit the needs of the modern offices for existing and new tenants.

The cabling and cooling requirements of early mainframe computers led to the birth of Access Flooring which in simple terms means panels that are supported at the corners with pedestals down to the structural floor. This works towards the creation of an accessible underfloor void through which cables, ventilation, and other services can be run. The increasing demands for flexibility and information technology in the workplace have brought Access Flooring into offices, police stations, colleges, hospitals, and many other environments. The environment of the office has changed the way that employees work. These changes include fewer private offices, more open plan workstations, an increased number of modular furniture systems and more shared areas for project teams. Today’s office worker conventionally requires access to data cables as well as telephone and power outlets. All of these requirements and changes need increased flexibility and a strategy to reduce the rate of churn and the cost of continually reconfiguring offices.

Access flooring provides the answer by creating a fully accessible floor void in the room in which cables and/or ventilation can be run. Telephone, data and power outlets can be mounted directly in floor panels, and these panels can be relocated quickly and easily for rapid reconfiguration.



  • Full range materials for surface covering such as carpets , high pressure laminates, marble, stone.
  • Fast and accurate installation
  • Full steel encasement with good loading capacity
  • Elaborated made and good decorative effect.
  • Excellent concentrate, rolling and ultimate load resistance.
  • Special weather coating on back surface of the tiles for lifetime protection

Areas of Use

  • Auditorium space
  • Training Centres, librarires and couthouses.
  • Data Centers & UPS Rooms
  • Server rooms
  • Individual offices
  • Ticketing Counters