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Containers are the equipment used for collection and transportation of screening materials or sludge which are desired to send away from the system or plant. They have several areas of use including water and wastewater treatment plants. Very high container circulation can take place in the screening and sludge dewatering facilities of treatment plants where large amount of solids are collected. The container station, designed for the purpose of allowing easy transfer of containers especially in plants with high capacity, consists of three major components:
Containers | Container trolley | Railing
Container trolley can be manually or electrically controlled. The container trolley is adapted for standard containers. The design is very robust to withstand the heavy loads that may occur. In cases where container trolleys are delivered without a drive unit, it can be equipped with a tow bar for connection to the container truck. As standard the container trolley is delivered to run on rails, but it can also be supplied to run directly on concrete floors as its wheels are fitted with rubber coated steel wheels, depending on needs and requirements.

• Reliable and robust structure
• Fast and simple solution
• Cost-effective design
• Long lifetime provided
• Robust and withstands heavy loads