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Decra Shake Finishing Products

Emigrating to the Americas in the 17th and 18th Centuries, the Europeans brought with themselves the conventional Dutch, English, German and French roof styles and they were recreated in timber, with an axe the cedar was split to make shakes or roof tiles which created perfectly natural and aesthetically pleasing looks that have stood the test of time. Presently, the Decra Shake tiles are taking the best of the shake design and combining them with cutting-edge technologies for producing conventional, natural-looking roofs having superior long-life performance. Decra Shake tile is presently popular as a modern replacement for majani or thatch roods where extra security is offered by the fireproof qualities of the Decra tiles while the stone coated shake designs are offering natural looks. The Decra Shake has been designed for replicating the looks and feels of a handmade real wood roof tile. They have a satin finish which offers a bold, smoother style with Accenture details. The textured stone finish results in a much more substantial roof look. The shadow lines of cedar shake are distinctive and offer a rick, thick and heavy appearance which perfectly complements any home interior. The shake offers these sophisticated design elements without the regular maintenance or shortcoming from the environment like the traditional shake.

These are supplied in the Middle East, exclusively by Dutco Tennant LLC.