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Decra Shingle Finishing Products

A style statement that works with both contemporary and traditional architecture, Decra® Shingle has a distinctive vertical ridge textured finish that gives your roof solidarity and character. Available in a selection of natural colors which reflect the heritage of shingle roofs, Decra® Shingle tiles are also available with a unique two-tone color patch arrangement. However, the appeal of Decra® Shingle is much more than its natural color hues. Shingle tile ridges cast deep shadows which give considerable variations in feel and texture throughout the day depending on the sun’s position. Homeowners love the fact that Decra® Shingle gives their home a different appearance at different times of the day.

Decra Shingle is ideal to rely on the looks of the heavy-cut wooden shingles and they can offer the thick-cut edges and deep distinctive shadow line of architectural shingles at almost half of the weight in comparisons with the traditional longevity and strength of stone-coated steel roof tiles. Having lower initial costs when compared to the heavyweight shingles makes it popular with the need for replacing them once in every 10 to 12 years which nullifies the expense advantages. Shingles can be cost-effective options for short-term, budget-constrained projects like flipping an older, lower market house to earn a profit, they are not predominantly the most suited option for the elegant home that is intended to be sustainable, have lower maintenance costs, the centerpiece of the estate for many decades. The metal roof shingles are having thick cut-edges which can offer the same dimensionality for a heavy architectural shingle. Being lightweight means that the requirements for complete tear-off of the existing roof material are no more necessary in several cases. The protective layers along with a unique interlocking system can add exceptional shear strength and resistance to the wind.

Decra Shingle tiles are robust and thick-cut which offers a bold look along with distinct shadow lines of heavy architectural shingles inside a lightweight roof profile that can withstand all the elements. The lifespan of metal roofs is around 2-3 times longer compared to the traditional roofing materials like asphalt. Being the lightest roofing material in the market, Decra Shingle can take out the needs for a complete tear-off of the existing roof which saves time, labor and expenses for the roofing upgrades and remodels. Decra Shingle can withstand rain, hail, fire, storm debris and also forces of hurricanes while offering the same aesthetics of asphalt shingles.