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Decra Slate Finishing Products

The design of the Decra Slate is done to copy the natural weathered look of the conventional European slate roofs. This is a unique profile that comes with the options of random color patches which are just subtly different in comparison with the main tile color. This creates a roof that looks exceptionally natural having crevices and shadows which entice the eye. Decra slate is made up with the use of mostly renewable energy in of the most pollution-free environments in the entire world. Customers are allowed to collect rainwater from the Decra Slate roofs in large tanks for both agricultural and domestic use which is approved as per the WHO standards. As designed for replicating the natural weathered look of the traditional European slate roofs, which are inspired by centuries of skilled craftsmanship and are also combined with the newest technologies, Slate from Decra is extremely unique and unparalleled in terms of looks and performance. Slate has established itself easily as the best choice for mono-pitched and designed led roofs. This new concept of roofs is not just embraced by loved by experts. The roofing tiles from Decra have been coated with natural stone chips which have been formed by volcanoes and taken from the quarries of New Zealand. These coatings can add natural beauty to the roof along with a hard layer of protection from the weather. As the stones are natural, the vibrant color is protected from extreme UV of the Middle East countries and they will never get faded. Being manufactured with alu-zinc steel, all of the Decra roof products have proven to last 6 to 9 times longer in comparison with the ordinary galvanized steel roof products. This can be achieved by protecting the steel core with zinc which is also itself protected with the help of an aluminum barrier. Being a pioneer of using aluminum zinc steel, Decra comes with unrivaled experience in long-lasting steel roof tile manufacturing.