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DOLRE Bridge Parapets Bridges
(Tested to EN/MASH Standards)

We offer a wide range of Bridge Parapets with our manufacturer DESAMI from Belgium and their make DOLRE range of road restraint systems.

DOLRE is a system that combined security with successful landscape and architectural integration. Thanks to its geometry, its fuse system and the disconnection of the board, DOLRE offers transmitted forces reduced by more than 50% compared to a conventional construction. Thus, a majority of existing structures will no longer need to be reinforced. This requires limited intervention and more effective work management.


  • DOLRE N232 is an N2 (=TL2) W3 VI3 ASI B device with a pole every 6 meters.
  • DOLRE H241 is an H2 (=TL4) W4 VI3 ASI B device with a pole every 2 meters.
  • DOLRE H464 is aH4 (=TL5) W6 VI8 ASI B device with a pole every 1.5 meters.
  • DOLRE H233 LNA is a variant of the TL4 model allows the installation on a non-anchored kerb.