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Fire Barriers Architectural Finishing Products

For both vertical and horizontal applications, our complete range of Rope products has a 4-hours fire resistance capacity. These Fire Barriers are applicable for use in hospitals, schools, industrial buildings, shopping centers, railway stations, residential facilities, airport facilities, hotels, garages, and many more. It benefits in fire protection, thermal protection, sound protection, vapor permeability, environmental care, health care and easy installation. It uses Rock wool which is a non-hygroscopic architectural finishing product and loses its property in case of contact with water. Therefore, if there is a water contact risk, to protect the fire barrier water insulation must be applied prior to placing the barrier. The expansion joint profiles are not themselves resistant to fire and if there is a requirement for fire resistance, the profiles are needed to be applied in conjunction. A proper fire barrier is required to be selected by considering the required features like joint width, period of fire resistance, ability to move when required and some additional factors according to the specification of the project.

We bring to you ropes barriers which are fire rated from 2 to around 4 hours and can be used from widths of 10 to 560 mm. All of the barriers are certificated and tested. For protecting the barriers from the water and moisten the risk, it is important for applying waterproof EPDM membranes above the barriers for a smoke-proof application. If the fire barriers are needed to be covered by a smoke barrier. The rope-type barriers can be used from a gap of 10 to 300 mm. The products are produced from extremely dense rock wool which is wrapped around the glass fiber strands for achieving must better fire resistance. They are extremely flexible for allowing easy installation in parts of constructions that are less accessible. We supply you with a fire-resistant rope which can be installed very easily and faster than traditional fire barrier systems. This is because of the simple components which make up the systems and as there is no fire caulks or complicated and costly transition miters needed for the installation. Our supplied fire barrier systems have been tried and tested for offering an optimum range of fire protection when installed correctly in the intended environment.

Technical Details

FIRE PROTECTION Working Temperature < 750 ° C
Melting Point > 1000 ° C
Range of Burn - Retardant A1
Demands for Fire safety Extraordinary High
LOWER THERMAL LOSSES Thermic Conductance 0,035 W/mK -0,040 W/mK
SOUND PROTECTION Meets High Requirements