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Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring Walls, Floors & Roofs

With the widest range of colors and designs on the market, our heterogeneous vinyl flooring offers creative heterogeneous vinyl solutions for commercial applications such as healthcare, education, stores and shops and hospitality. High-quality raw flooring products and innovative surface treatments ensure long-lasting performance and appearance, easy maintenance and excellent life cycle costs. Heterogeneous Vinyl Floors are versatile and suited for all types of applications. When it is about the various constructions which can accommodate the use in residential applications or in areas having high foot traffic like the hospitals and schools, it is composed of many layers which include a printed sheet that makes way for limitless design possibilities. The acoustic version comes with a foam interlayer which can decrease the transmission of sound and absorb the shocks. Commercial vinyl flooring offers creative solutions for commercial or even residential areas. We have brought in for you an exceptional range of products that can offer the required durability with easy-to-maintain options. They are acoustic and have anti-slip features. Each of our offered heterogeneous vinyl sheets is meant for specific applications having specific properties and you can always find a floor that is perfectly suited for the application. We can offer you slip-resistant flooring with our safe Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring. There are other options specified to give you acoustic flooring performance. You can also find options for loos lay purposes which are having high acoustic properties. There are collections designed for general purposes which are suited for various applications and also you can find options for customized requirements.

Areas of Use

  • Healthcare Units
  • Educational Institutions
  • Housing
  • Stores and shops
  • Hospitality