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Our homogeneous flooring is extremely versatile, durable and delivers good value for money. The subtle pattern and wide, refreshed color collection make this vinyl flooring a popular choice when creating interiors for supporting everyday activities. The coating provides a better base for future maintenance with wax or polish.

With a color range that mixes classic standards and contemporary trends, our models are the ideal solution for the education, retail and commercial sectors. We also provide non-linear designs that are totally new for homogeneous floorings in this segment. Our homogeneous vinyl products contain non-phthalate plasticizers and contribute to optimal indoor air quality with VOC emissions below the quantifiable levels. Homogeneous vinyl flooring is composed of a single layer of vinyl and the compact homogenous vinyl floors are glues on the sub-floor and welded. The compact homogenous vinyl flooring are ultra-durable and tough solutions for heavy and very heavy traffic areas and are mostly recommended for applying in education and healthcare areas for their resistance and easy cleanability. We are supplying homogenous vinyl flooring solutions which are the only ones available in the market which can be dry-biffed for avoiding heavy cleaning protocols and for reducing the maintenance costs by around 30% over the lifespan of the floor. Homogenous vinyl rolls are glued over the sub-floor and are welded for getting optimal hygiene and durability. We supply acoustic versions which feature a special foam underlayer for reducing the transmission of sound and for absorbing the shocks. The PVC Homogenous floor is one of the most popular options for Vinyl flooring. It is composed of one or more layers of the same material composition along with the same pattern and color all over the thickness of the product. The mixture is finally rolled out into sheets inside a rapid operation under high heat over a calendar. Normally they are found in strip format and are known as Homogenous Vinyl Sheet flooring having semi-directional, directional, non-directional patterns designed and colored. Apart from the robustness of the Vinyl Flooring tiles, the most exciting advantages are the durability and strength which are much more reasonable things to consider about. The homogenous vinyl flooring solutions can be found in many colors so you can even add a professional look to your facilities. The single layer of the flooring can help for creating a vibrant appeal with deep color. The soothing color options make these flooring options suited for several interiors and promote a relaxed and happy environment.

Areas of Use

  • Healthcare Units
  • Housing
  • Educational Institutions
  • Retail and Industry