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Vinyl Composite Tile Walls, Floors & Roofs

Versatility and quality come together beautifully in the Vinyl Composite Tile, the designer-oriented array of contemporary colors, in classic patterning that coordinate and interact in virtually endless ways. And our VCT Solids flooring products coordinate perfectly for insets and borders and are ideal for custom logo work. Composite tiles are sustainable and resilient and these are the most common choice in the regions which are having high foot traffic. This is the most flexible and beautiful flooring solution which comes with several varieties of sheet vinyl flooring and composite tile. These tiles are famous for their sturdiness and are exceptionally suitable for commercial and institutional areas. They are the most recent advancements for enhancing much better performance in areas having high pressure. They can be installed easily and be refinished and replaced without using a high number of physical efforts. Composite tiles can be found in the market has updated design with multiple shades and awe-inspiring patterns which can create an amazing elegant identity. They are found in the market under various styles which are photographic mimic for stone, tiles, wood, etc. They can be found in many dimensions under several grade systems for both commercial and residential installation processes.

Vinyl composition tiles have exceptional dimensional stability which is impact resistant and can create very less amount of wear and tear. They are exceptionally stable towards UV radiation and an excess amount of heating which makes way for this variety of flooring for lasting a long time without getting faded. They are mainly made up of inorganic filler which offers advanced strength to the floors for retaining at least 15 to 20 years with a minimum amount of damage. There is no need for compromising on the quality and designs. The composite tile flooring comes with several attractive designs which promise slip-resistant finishes and surfaces. With these Luxury vinyl tiles, users cannot just create attractive interiors but this can also add value to the property for the natural-looking refined finishes that are having great affordable prices. Most of the tiles can create noise when anyone moves over them. But these tiles can excellently absorb the noise and there is no noise when someone walks over them. For these, they are highly used in business and institutional organizations. They are again a great choice for supermarkets or shops.


  • VCT construction means durability for years of performance
  • VCT visual allows a patterning that is perfect for high-traffic areas helping to hide tracked in dirt and scuffs
  • Designed with a Phthalate-Free formulation
  • Vinyl composite Design flexibility with varied colorways and coordinating solids
  • VCT is produced using natural limestone, a readily available material