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Ball Valve - Cast Iron Plumbing Products

Complete port ball valve - cast iron 2-Piece is used for commercial HVAC and applications of steam. They are featured with a 125psi rating of steam, the stem of stainless steel and ball, packing and PTFE seats, ductile iron handle and a steel-plated stop plate. The ball valves made up of Cast Iron can be found for application of Low Pressure mostly in the application of waterworks. The valves have been designed according to international standards like IS/DIN/BS/ASA with pressure ratings of PN 10 and PN 16 ratings. Our valves are tight and prevent any leakage having the Teflon rings places in four types of different positions. These valves will continue to perform even at around heat of 200-degree Celsius.

Dutco Tennant LLC is one of the most reliable suppliers of ball valve-cast iron in the Middle East and GCC countries. We can supply them in countries like United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and others. They are priced at affordable tags to help you avail of them without spending too much. Our supplied range of cast-iron ball valves is built for outperforming and outlasting any type of gate valves. These full-port valves are having an epoxy-coated body which is found in 2-to-6-inch sizes. They have been designed for maintaining Class VI, bubble-tight positive shutoff. The ball which is fused with Teflon features in the 3700 series can take out pitting of the ball which will prevent common build-ups in the applications of water, stop the premature failure of the valve and lower torque. This range of valves is completely free of lead which makes them a safe alternative for the butterfly or gate valves which are having the lead. The 3700V lead has been intended for industrial and commercial air, liquid or backflow applications.

If you are searching for the most advanced range of ball valve-cast iron in the Middle East, then you can get them definitely from Dutco Tennant LLC. We are the most trusted name when it comes to plumbing Valves in the Middle East. Get in touch with us today.


  • Flange Mounting PN16 Only
  • ISO 5211 Direct Mount (Not 200mm)
  • Art 77 Plated Brass
  • BS EN 558-1 Series 14

Technical Data

Pressuretd> 16 Bar
Working Temperature -10°C to +150°C