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Ball Valve - Ductile Iron Plumbing Products

The Full Port, 3-Piece ball valve - ductile iron are mostly used for industrial and commercial applications for a complete range of gases and liquids. They are having a chrome-plated steel handle, brass ball and blowout-proof stem. The end connections have been threaded.

For the application of regulation of fluid and control, the ball valves are very commonly used. They are mostly made up of a ball, bonnet, packing, actuator along with a stem that connects a disc to the handle or lever of the valve. The principle of working for the ball valve - ductile iron is quite simple. This begins with the actuated or manual operation of the lever which makes it take a quarter turn. The force from the lever gets transferred towards the stem which causes the disc of the ball to get opened and allows the media to flow in. These valves have been designed with ductile iron. One of the most commonly used materials for the valves is Ductile Iron. This is mainly due to the desired mechanical properties which are shown by the ductile iron. The components which are made up of ductile iron are not prone to crack formation. This is mainly due to the microstructure of the ductile iron which allows offering more enhanced ductile property. Adding to that, the ductile iron ball valves are much more resistant to fatigue and impact compared to the cast iron ball valves.

Ball Valves are preferred because of their easy operation, prolonged service life, rugged construction and capability for handling high pressure and volume. Adding to that, they are having a much lower cost of maintenance. These valves are very efficient with gas media and liquid. They can also take care of harsh chemicals. The range of temperature describes the temperature of the media which is suited for the ball valve. These valves are suited for applications of high pressure. The range describes the maximum and minimum flow rate which can be controlled by the valve. The Ductile Iron Ball Valves are existing in various styles of the body. Ball valve - ductile iron is used commonly in flowing systems where there is a presence of harsh chemicals. They work as a means of pressure and flow control.

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  • Flange Mounting PN16 only
  • ISO 5211 Direct Mount
  • Inside and outside epoxy coating
  • Optional lockable Lever
  • Blow Out Proof Stem
  • Chrome Plated Brass Ball

Technical Data

Maximum Pressure 16 Bar
Working Temperature -10°C to +150°C