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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Analytical Solutions
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Industrial Solutions

Thermal Oxidizers are used to treat acidic/vent/off gases produced by a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, printing presses, painting operations, food processing and many more.

This type of oxidizer is a direct combustion type and is particularly used in SRUs (Sulphur Recovery Units) by incineration of acidic gases. Off gases will be retained within the chamber for a minimum duration and temperature depending on the type, quantity and flue rate.

Thermal oxiders can also be regenerative , recuperative or catalytic. Of these, the Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser or RTO finds common usage in many industries where VOCs are emitted such as printing presses, auto shops, etc. The RTO is usually a 2 bed or a 3 bed system with the flue gas from the combustion chamber heating up one bed on its way out. Gas flows are switched when the bed reaches a sufficient temperature and the incoming cold gas gets pre-heated by this hot bed. RTOs can be very fuel efficient.

Products Covered

  • Pollution Control System
  • VOC Control Equipment