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Woven Geotextile Roads & Utilities

Strong, durable geotextiles made with tapes/ yarns slit from polypropylene film and then stretched to maximize strength. Yarns are woven on into highly uniform Geosynthetics fabrics in widths up to 17.5 feet / 533 cm.

Slit Tape

Slit Tape woven geotextiles are ideal for separation, soil reinforcement and ground reinforcement applications. The product has very high tensile strengths and CBR values compared to nonwoven geotextiles. They are a very cost effective solution for all kind of engineering projects. The water permeability of the geotextiles is in general several times higher than the permeability of most common soils. The controlled opening size of woven also make this an ideal product for filtration applications and clogging can be avoided. Widths up to 535 cm can be offered.


These are woven tap/ monofilament products with an outstanding water flow and engineered pore size. The filtration fabrics are ideally used for hydraulic applications in drainage trenches, river defense systems, sports surfaces and horse riding areas. The unique product delivers unrivaled filtration performance thanks to the non-clogging characteristics of the fabric. The material is available up to 535 cm width.