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Skirting Finishing Products

Skirting can be used on the sides of the wall to provide an attractive finish. Used at the junction of floor and wall to protect the wall and paint against crashing of feet and other effects. The Skirting profile prevents the accumulation of dirt in the corner. Two-piece skirting can act as a cable conduit as well. Our skirting range includes aluminum, PVC and MDF profiles and can be suitable for any kind of flooring including vinyl, parquet, raised access floor, ceramic tiles, etc., Thicker coating is available upon request. Laminated finishing profiles with different wood designs exist for parquet applications.

Our standard color for PVC profiles is; white, creme, beige or gray. The vast range of aluminum skirting offered by us also offers traditional along with innovative solutions for the application of both private and public. They can be availed in many materials and finishes which offer various characteristics for meeting the requirements of the user and for creating a wide range of stylish effects. There are a huge number of inspectable cable channel skirting available with clip-on. They are ideally suited for protecting and concealing the various electrical cables. You can find many door skirting having integrated LED lights which can be used in place of the traditional skirting for illuminating the access ways like the entrances and corridors of the offices and homes for creating contemporary stylish effects. Skirting can also be available in non-toxic, extremely tough, flexible vinyl resin, high-quality, low-cost methods for creating effects that are eye-catching. The range also comes with many ideas which are crafted by emerging designers and established professionals of the industry. Now it's time to forget about the old days of aluminum skirting boards which were made up of timber. The super-stylish skirting is specialized in high quality which is versatile, beautiful and affordable. These units do not just increase the feel and look of the home or offices but they also offer a wide range of designs along with vibrant color patterns which you can choose, You can use them for creating and combining along with your own color scheme without the hassles of painting them. If in the future you wish to refresh the look or get a completely new color scheme, then there are options available for that. By unclipping the older one and clipping on a new shade, you can do that. Dutco Tennant LLC is here for fulfilling all your needs of Skirting in the Middle East.


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