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Level Difference Profiles Finishing Products

Level difference profiles are available in different heights and are suitable in different profile materials such as aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. It can be used to compensate for the floor height difference caused by two different floor finishing profiles. It helps to avoid slipping of legs while walking.

Aluminum level difference joints are used at areas where two floors are meeting. These types of situations can be seen indoors when one laminate floor is meeting another laminate floor or with another different type of covering. The matching transition profile can create an exceptionally attractive appearance and achieve an elegant transition among the various floors. These are very common in large open rooms when a kitchen area for example is having different types of floor designs in comparison with the living or dining room. For rooms having bigger sizes, expansion joints are required even within a continuously laminated floor area which is also hidden by the transition profiles. Floor level difference joints can compensate for the varying heights of the various floor covering by decreasing the risks related to getting tripped. This can happen if the carpet and laminate meet at a door or even tiles and laminates. Various laminated floors can also have varied thicknesses that can result in the occurrence of varying heights. In our range, you can find a huge selection. There are many profiles having many styles, finishes and color options having a wooden look or metallic look in aluminum and plastic for fixing with glue or screw. The channels in this can be matched perfectly with the decor of the laminate floors along with the subfloor. The profile can be fixed by either glue or screws. They are found in various designs and profiles that can take down the height of the floors.


  • Aluminum Level Difference Profiles
  • Stainless Steel Level Difference Profiles
  • Brass Level Difference Profiles